Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Class for Kids
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Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Class for Kids

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In this 1 hour Hands On Class everyone will learn about Igneous, Sedimentary, & Metamorphic Rocks, Mineral Identification, and Fossil Formation.  The kids will be able to touch and explore many rocks and will each leave with a polished stone. 

With over 25 years  of experience working with Rocks and Minerals and in educational environments, I bring a personal flare to the experience.  My own children were subject to my classes throughout their younger years and are now considered "Rock Hound Experts".  I believe that we should share our knowledge and I am happy to give all you hard working mom's out there a little break.  

Ages can range from 3-12 years old, preferably close in age.  Toddlers must be accompanied by a guardian.  

Classes now available for a Minimum of 4 and a Maximum of 10 Students.  Arrangements will be made to have the class at your location and capacity can change based on space. 

Fee is per child.  Night and Daytime slots are available.  The class can be set-up indoors or outdoors based on the climate and environment.

Please email to arrange a date and time that works for you.