Flower with Tourmalated Quartz Earrings
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Flower with Tourmalated Quartz Earrings

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Description: Flower  with Tourmalated Quartz

Length:  2"

Metaphysical Properties: Quartz is an energizing mineral that has been thought to enhance mental clarity and the realization of one's dreams.  Quartz amplifies energy and has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, meaning the polarity of the quartz crystal will change.  It can be used to receive and to direct energy towards its natural tendency of “harmony”.  

Mineralogy: Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of several closely related minerals. The most common of these minerals almost exclusively occur in granite pegmatites. Tourmaline is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. If a specimen is put under a pressure or temperature change, it will generate an electrical charge. When this happens, dust particles become attached to the crystal ends.