Turquoise With Hematite Earrings
Living Earth

Turquoise With Hematite Earrings

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Description:  Turquoise With Hematite on Leverback Ear Wire

Length:  1.25"

Metaphysical Properties:  Turquoise combines the energies of the blue sky and mother earth, allowing for spiritual attunement, healing, and cleansing of the body.  It has been said that turquoise changes color to warn of impeding danger.  It aids in opening the throat chakra, bringing communication skills to emotional issues, creativity, and intuition.

Metaphysical Properties:  Hematite is known as the stone for the mind.  It assists with mathematical pursuits and in the development of mental dexterity. It provides a balancing energy while its magnetic qualities help to balance the meridians of the body.