Agate and Onyx Copper Wire Wrap Ring
Agate and Onyx Copper Wire Wrap Ring
Living Earth

Agate and Onyx Copper Wire Wrap Ring

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All rings are custom made to order and may vary slightly due to stone variations and wire wrap style.

Stones:  Agate and Black Onyx

Metaphysical Properties: Agate balances your yin-yang energy while stabilizing your aura with a cleansing effect on dysfunctional energies. It further helps one to see what circumstances may lead to well-being and is very useful to help you feel more grounded. 

Metaphysical Properties:  Onyx initiates self-control, decision making, and may help to banish grief.  It is used to help in moments of decision making because it is believed to aid with grounding your path in respect to your roots. 

To request a custom ring email  Include Ring Size, Stone Type/Size/Color, and Silver or Copper Wire.